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Signs of Real True Love In Modern World

What’s the difference between love and lust? How can you tell if the man in your life really loves you, or if he’s just looking to play the field? To spot real love, you must have some perspective on what it looks like. These signs that he’s really into you will help you assess whether your partner truly loves you and wants to be with you, or if it is fake love. If all of these signs apply to your relationship, then chances are good that you’ve found someone who truly loves you!

1. True Love Makes You a Priority

When someone genuinely cares about you, they’ll make an effort to see you regularly. They won’t always be able to do so, but when they can, they’ll make time for you. Even if that means changing plans or staying in just to spend time with you.

2. The Two Of You Are Best Friends

Just because he wants to be with you all of the time doesn’t mean he loves you, but if you feel like he’s your best friend and makes it a point to know what’s going on in your life, then there’s a good chance he sees you as more than just fun. When two people are attracted to each other, they tend to spend all their time together.

3. Time With Him Feels Effortless

It’s wonderful when two people can just enjoy each other’s company. If you feel like you could spend all day and night chatting or watching a movie together, chances are he feels that way too!

4. You’re Comfortable Around Each Other

If you’re comfortable around each other, it’s probably because you genuinely enjoy each other’s company. Does he make you feel at ease and like yourself when you’re with him? Good sign! This is a person who will treat you well and make your life better—and as we all know, being in an environment that makes us happy and content can keep us healthy.

5. True Love Wants What’s Best For You

The kind of person you want to be with is not just someone who makes you feel good; it’s someone you can feel comfortable around. It means a lot if your man has made himself part of your life by showing genuine interest in what you do, how your day went, and simply listening to what you have to say. If he’s interested in getting to know every single detail about you, that’s a sign that he cares.

6. They Support Your Dreams

When you feel that your partner is there to support your dreams, whether they be related to work or family, you feel loved. It doesn’t matter if he or she shares these goals; it just matters that your significant other is 100 percent supportive and encouraging. If not, your love tank will run empty.

7. They Have a Very Good Sense Of Humor

If someone’s sense of humor is compatible with yours, you’re much more likely to spend time together. Humor can also bring out a side of a person that they didn’t even know existed! Everyone loves to laugh, and it’s pretty tough to do that with someone who isn’t funny. If your partner’s fun and playful in addition to smart and sexy, then you should probably hang on tight! It is a sign of true love.

8. If You Are Apart From Them, You Feel Like Something Is Missing.

This is probably a sign that you love them. You long to be with them when you can’t, or it hurts when they aren’t around. Feeling incomplete without your love interest you are in love.

9. You have a Habit of Finishing Each Other’s Sentences

When you love someone, you naturally start to pick up on their mannerisms. This can be annoying at times, especially if they’re doing something gross (like playing with your hair when you’re trying to focus), but it also means that you have an intimate understanding of how they think and feel. If your loved one always seems to finish your sentences because they know what’s coming next, chances are they’ve known exactly what you were going to say.

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